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UNDIP Fisheries Product Technology Study Program Accompanies Comida Kendal UMKM in Presto’s Milkfish Production

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UNDIP Fisheries Product Technology Study Program Trains Women of Productive Age in Catfish Processing in Klaten

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Innovation of Making Fish Cultivation in Buckets and Dissemination of Small-Scale Catfish Farming During the Covid-19 Pandemic

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Two Great Alumni of FPIK UNDIP Teach How to Face Job Challenges

THP, SEMARANG - The Department of Fishery Products Technology (THP) of the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences, Diponegoro University (FPIK UNDIP) invited two great alumni to come to the...

The Study Program of Fisheries Product Technology UNDIP Produces Quality Graduates

THP, SEMARANG - The Fisheries Product Technology (THP) Study Program of the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences (FPIK) Diponegoro University (UNDIP) is committed to producing a profile of...

The Main Outstanding Student of FPIK UNDIP

THP, SEMARANG - Congratulations to Erena Nabila Zahra, a student of Fisheries Product Technology, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences (FPIK), batch 2018 who has been selected as the FPIK Main...

Alumni UNDIP Say :

Ardiansah Ahmad Palani

Sales Area Manager for Kalimantan region – PT Sinta Prima Feedmill

“I was the first graduate from the UNDIP Fisheries Product Technology Study Program in 2006. The knowledge and experience I gained during college were really very helpful in my work. I am determined that the knowledge that I have gained so far, I will give it to fishery actors, especially fish farmers, for the sake of advanced Indonesian fisheries and can overcome all fishery problems in Indonesia”

Lativa Lisya Maghfira, S.Pi, M.Sc

Partnership Executive – eFishery

“Lecture on Fishery Products Technology Study Program (class of 2011) made me want to learn more about food and fisheries technology. Also, there are many activities and opportunities that you can participate in while you are a student. Thanks to this provision and support, I was able to get a master’s scholarship at the University of Debrecen, Hungary and pursue a career in fisheries.”

Herda Bolly

The Friesland Campina Innovation Centre in Wageningen, Netherlands

“When I was at UNDIP Fishery Products Technology, I not only studied fishery product processing, but also food science and technology in general. Now it is my provision to continue my master’s degree at Wageningen University, the Netherlands. It even led me to a career in food companies in the Netherlands and trusted to be the Development Manager at the Friesland Campina Company which focuses on research and product innovation”

Robbi Maulana Rosadi

Quality Control Manager, PT Philips Seafood Indonesia

“A lot of my knowledge and experience while studying at Fishery Products Technology UNDIP has supported my career. The knowledge that I get is very in line with my current job. Considering the potential for fisheries in Indonesia is still very wide and product innovation is needed to develop it”

Hardian Sy. Prayitno

Dinas Kelautan dan Perikanan Provinsi Lampung

“I got many benefits from Fishery Products Technology UNDIP, including that I immediately became a Fishery Product Quality Instructor in Lampung Province because I have a HACCP certificate. In addition, I also have a Vaname Shrimp pond business. my career and business”